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system integration

What is meant by system integration?

In broad terms,system integration is define dasthe process of connecting several components into one larger system that functions correctly. With regards to network and software development, system integration is defined as the process of linking several IT components together, to make them work functionally together.

Organisations use system integration in order to improve their productivity and quality of operations. The aim of system integration is toget the organisation’s several IT components to connect to one another to reduce operational costs and to speed up information flow for the organisation. System integration can be used to connect both internal systems and 3rd party systems that the organisation operates with 36-400 is the best web & mobile app development company for your system integration.

Types of system integration

The reare several types of system integration and each has it sown purpose. Here, we will discuss the four principal types of system integration that companies use.

1.API Integration

API Integration is one of the most common integration processes available. Application Programming Interface (API) has several sub-categories, which includes private, public, and partners, meant for utilising application integration.API let systems to transmit data seamlessly through out solutions by inter connection using common code language.

Advantages of API Integration

  • SmoothOperations

    The link between he infrastructures or systems let providers handle individual connections with out 3rd party software.

  • Flexibility

    The API method of system integration can handle a lot of data variations by using product code language.

  • High Availability

    The API integration is the most popular method of system integration among software & website development companies. Hence, API integration is available for almost all types of system integration projects.

Disadvantages of API Integration

  • CodeIntensive

    API’s are more functional because they are code based, programming or coding can be extremely over whelming and time consuming.

  • SupplierDependability

    Suppliers or developers are responsible for creation and maintenance of an API. That makes partnering businesses depend on them for data access.

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2.Integration Services Components(ISC)

ISC are not code based but rather live on a computer server in order to connect with local management tools.This type of integration enables the system integrator to access data without importing huge files.

Advantages of Integration Services Components

  • Increased functionality

    ISC canal ways connect and integrate systems if the company has cloud access to data with in the web service.

  • Highly efficient

    ISC is one of the most efficient system integration method if installed properly.

Disadvantages of Integration Services Components

  • Must be well-versed in database

    Who ever is charged with the responsibility of setting up the ISC must be knowledge able and well-versed in databases and local servers. That will ensure the ISCs are set up correctly.

  • Requires exclusive application access

    ISC requires access to the backend of the applications used by the organisation. Hence, it is impossible go integrate ISC because most organisations do not have access to backend of applications.

3. Web hook or HTTP Call back

Web hooks are event based system integration method, which needs programming module with in each of the subsystems that are triggered by 3rd party services. The web hook system integration alert management only when change is made or certain event occurs. Webhooks also helps to link applications but they are not code based.

Advantages of web hooks

  • Automation

    Webhooks helps to update the system when an event occur. Hence, it is not required of the organisation to schedule data collection times inside or with in the system integrator.

  • Real-time Data

    Management of an organisation can access real time data instantly when they avoid request based method.

Disadvantages of webhooks

  • Limited data control

    Webhooks depend on the systems to recognise an event for data to be transferred. While APIs enable users to modify or created at a without triggering the system software


Orchestration integration systems are amongst the most automated integrators today. They can handle schedules of tasks between different solutions. The goal of orchestration integration systems is to consolidate repeated processes to improve information flow and production. User scan connect with any service for data access when multiple processes and software are automated together.

Advantages of Orchestration

  • CompleteAutomation

    All-inclusive automation across several platforms enhance operation transparency and stream lines data sharing.

  • Manage several systems

    Orchestration enables the simultaneous management of systems involved.

Disadvantages of Orchestration

  • Work Intensive

    Orchestration is work intensive and a very complicated integration system. That is because it requires extra employees and time to manage every detail efficiently.

  • Code Intensive

    Orchestration is more like the APIs method because it requires huge knowledge of coding. To use the orchestration method for system integration, your team has to write and manage enormous codes.

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Benefits of Integration System

  1. Enhanced Productivity

    One of the most significant benefits of system data integration is its functionality, which promotes efficiency and operational productivity.From contacting your vendors and placing orders for purchase, to fulfilment of customer requests, external and internal interaction is essential for successful operations.
    The manual management of an organisation’s supply chain usually requires more effort and time from a large team of labourers.None the less, system integration solutions reduce human errors and time spent on data formatting through automatic translation and transferal. This enables employees to invest their time in project management and other operations of the organisation.

  2. Reduction in IT expenses

    System integration helps to lower labour cost by automation of data generation that would have required extra labour.

  3. Optimized Data Management

    Software are meant to improve operational functional it ie with in an organisation. None the less, without the integration of systems, the organisation spends extra time running analysis on several solutions individually. An integrated information system enables cross examination of software through a common data format, giving the organisation’s management a clearer perspective of their
    overall performance.

  4. Improved Customer Service

    System integration increases customer support speed by eliminating the need to navigate through multiple processes.

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System integration is an important service in the IT industry, and there are different types of integration available to meet the requirements of any organisation. Whether an organisation wants to streamline data sharing and external or internal communication, there is always a method that meets the integration requirement.

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