Dowell Windows (previously a division of Boral) is one of Australia’s largest manufacturer of aluminum and timber doors and windows for the commercial sector and residential buildings.


  • Over 20 locations and fabrication operations across Australia
  • Hundreds of sub-contractors across thousands of construction sites each year
  • Tracking and update of Job completions was a major time and cost overhead
  • Multiple phone calls and manual data entry into office business systems
  • Delays resulting from missed calls or lengthy call waiting queues and re-calls
  • Frequent incorrect Job numbers updated


Deliver an on-line solution that automatically updated the correct Job number and its status once and only once!


Dowell’s staff or sub-contractors transmit Job numbers via an SMS message from their mobile phones, immediately work is completed, to a 36-400 Cloud based solution. The Job number and status are uploaded within minutes and Dowell head-office staff can close off jobs and invoice their clients within 15 minutes (previously may not have occurred until the next day). All transmissions are date and time stamped and record the sender mobile number for audit purposes, similarly the sub-contractor retains a record of all completed works that day.


Dowell Windows gained immediate benefits including but not limited to:

  • Significant reductions in the number and cost of telephone reception and data entry staff across Australia
  • Accurate Job numbers every time
  • The Job status updated on time
  • A significant reduction in the number of charge-backs and credits for incorrect billing to clients
  • No additional hardware required by Dowell Windows
  • A scalable system that adjusts with the number of sub-contractors employed

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