Spectra Training (part of Academies Australasia) is one of Australia’s largest Registered Training Organisations that delivers a range of training courses to hundreds of companies across Australia. With over 100 staff and offices in 5 Australian States, the company has been delivering effective training to thousands of organisations for 10+ years.


  • Preparation of Excel spreadsheets detailing the status of training delivered each week to Spectra’s clients, was manual and labour intensive.
  • Existing procedures and information flows to Spectra clients could not be disrupted during the development and deployment of any alternate solution.
  • VetTrack – a 3rd party application being used was based on a little used database system.


Automate and improve processing throughput, minimize data entry and increase service reliability.


Design a solution that met and exceeded Spectra’s project success criteria, after completing a business process assessment of the current situation and investigating alternative solutions. This included an interface to the VetTrak system that retrieves and stores a secure database server copy of all training activity daily.  This was the foundation for a web-hosted, online service that enabled Spectra staff real-time access at any time of the day.  

In addition, Spectra’s clients are also enabled with web-hosted online access, to complete training records by employee and course, which can be exported into Excel for their use.


  • Efficient automated processing
  • Spectra management can view updated statistics at start of the business day
  • Manual data entry has been (almost) eliminated
  • Processing reports for clients takes seconds (previously hours) and delivery via email to Spectra clients is automated enhancing the value-added services Spectra delivery to their clients.