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A Customer Service Company Specialising in IT

36-400 has been established for over 20 years and is experienced in providing IT solutions in hardware and software for some of Australia’s largest companies to some of its smallest, across industry segments such as Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Books, Construction, Food, Clothing, Footwear, Training and more. 36-400’s aim is to provide excellent ‘Customer Service’ experience by communicating in plain English, being easily contactable, providing prompt responses and maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times.

36-400 provides solutions in hardware/network design, implementation and management; as well as designing and programming solutions for the internet, databases and many legacy systems. This allows us to genuinely claim that we are a true ‘one stop shop’.

36-400 Consulting Pty Ltd was initially established in 1997 to provide specialised consulting services to companies utilising the IBM System 36, Advanced 36, M36 and S36E and the AS/400. When we started we soon found ourselves providing services to companies with sites throughout Australasia. Our clients include companies that span the market from retail, through manufacturing and wholesale, to distribution. They also include software houses, hardware providers and other consultants

Over the years we have improved on this and gained enormous experience in coding software, supporting systems, selling and supporting PC's, Internet development, installing and supporting networks and servers all around Australasia. 36-400 has developed from a specialised S/36 and AS/400 consultancy to effectively being an outsourcing bureau for most types of systems and software. There are many companies in the market place providing some or all of the above services. However we feel that as a company, 36-400 offers one thing that many computer companies don't provide and that is customer service. Simple 'computer coding' can be performed by any person or company. Other things to keep in mind when considering who to use for your work is whether or not they can generate further ideas, have a proven track record on delivery of complex systems, can provide feedback from similar projects being performed elsewhere and if they will be in business next year or the year after.


36-400 has always prided itself on the ability to communicate at all levels from the factory floor to management, while being polite, diplomatic and respectful.

We now see ourselves as a "one-stop shop" for all your computing needs. The great advantage of this is that instead of dealing with multiple suppliers who may blame each other when an individual component fails, if you bought it from 36-400 and 36-400 installed it, then 36-400 support it. We even provide a 24hrx7day contact number at standard pricing to keep your business in business.

To reflect this we adopted a trading name of ’36-400 IT Solutions’ in 2012 to reflect this.

In 1983 IBM released a computer called the System/36 (S/36). This machine had features such as multi-user, interactive and batch processing, could run for months at a time without restarts, had password security and up to 1.4Gigabytes of disk; all this before PC’s even became common. It gained a reputation as being ‘bulletproof’ and by the year 2000 IBM had sold over 300,000 of these machines.

This machine was merged with other IBM computers into one machine and named the AS400. The S/36 became the ‘S/36 environment’; as Microsoft windows still has the ability to run old DOS commands so the S/36 still lives inside the AS/400 operating system. The AS/400 has the capability to run programs written in 1977; an excellent return on investment for the software.

IBM has kept evolving the AS/400. While still known as an AS/400 (or just ‘400’) its official name changed from AS/400 to iSeries and now it has become the i5. And so 36-400 has also kept evolving. Our skill set now combines an understanding of the S/36 environment to PC networks, the Internet,…and well, please keep reading to discover what else 36-400 can do.




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