Reduced cost of Client reporting

Client Background

Spectra Training one of Australia’s largest Registered Training Organisations that delivers a range of training courses to hundreds of companies across Australia.  
With over 100 staff and offices in 5 Australia States the company has been in operation for 10 years delivering effective training to thousands of organisations.


Spectra Training’s brief to 36-400 IT Solutions was to replace the manual, labour intensive preparation of Excel spreadsheets detailing the status of training delivered each week to Spectra’s clients.
A major constraint was the need not to disrupt existing procedures and information flows to Spectra clients until a proven solution was ready to be deployed live.
Key success criteria included significant processing throughput, minimal data entry and service reliability.


36-400 consultants completed a business process assessment of the current situation and investigation of alternative solutions and then set about designing a solution that met and exceed Spectra’s project success criteria.
A particular challenge was the discovery that the 3rd party application provider, VetTrak, was based on a little used database system.
An interface to the VetTrak system was developed that retrieves and stores in a secure database server a copy of all training activity at 11:00 pm every day.  This database provides the foundation for the web-hosted, online service that enables Spectra staff real-time access at any time of the day.  
In addition Spectra’s clients are able to access, online through the 36-400 web hosted service, complete training records by employee and course and export that data into Excel.


Processing is automated and Spectra management can view updated statistics at start of the business day.  Data entry has been (almost) eliminated.  Processing reports for clients takes seconds (previously hours) and delivery via email to Spectra clients is automated enhancing the value-added services Spectra delivery to their clients.

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