IT Installation Services

What we do

While you manage your business, 36-400 IT Solutions will take responsibility for the installation of your company’s computer hardware, related network equipment and application software.  And we can operate your IT Help Desk.

  • Local Australian technicians based at our Melbourne office.
  • Upfront fees (no hidden or surprise costs).
  • 1,000+ End users supported
  • 100+ Servers managed and supported
  • 15+ years servicing satisfied repeat customers

Desktop Services

Let 36-400 install and configure desktop and laptop computers, printers and scanners and supporting devices your users’ access every day.
Remove viruses, configure to networks, automated backups, implement security, upgrade service packs, and recover lost or deleted data, detailed asset registry report provided.

Network Services

Let 36-400 install and configure the corporate LAN, WAN, intranet and Internet devices including:

  • Network servers
    • IBM business servers (Systemi, iSeries, AS400)
    • Microsoft Windows Servers
    • Virtual Servers
  • File, database and web servers
  • Cloud servers – a private, hosted cloud solution not accessible by any other organisation
  • VPN gateways
  • Intrusion detection systems and security firewalls, anti-virus updates
  • Network devices including desktop computers, laptops and printers
  • Routers and switches
  • Software deployment and updates
  • Data protection and backup
  • Detailed asset registry report provided


Reduce the cost of IT installation and support – our customers report annual savings from 20% to 40% after switching to 36-400 IT Solutions.

  • Prompt response to user problems
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive alerts (when ordered from 36-400)
  • Reliable and experienced support by IT professionals with 15+ years’ experience
  • Surety of business continuity and minimal disruption to users